Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Technology Resources for your SL Projects

As you start planning for your final SL project, you will need to think about what kind of digital project you want to create. I would like to encourage you to stretch beyond the powerpoint to pick a different tool to use as you present your findings to the class. Be creative -- use smart phones, video, presentation software, wikis, wordpress, facebook, flickr, twitter or anything else you want to play with...

This LIVEBINDER (created by my colleague, Dr. Josh Stenger at Wheaton College) is filled with technology tools that can help you in your presentation. (The PRESENTATIONS tab could be particularly helpful.) Over the next few weeks, play around with this resource to see if any of the tools would help you tell the story of theory and practice.

I also have flipcameras that you can check out if you want to make a video of some kind. Or feel free to use your cell phone if you prefer.

Have fun with this!!!

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