Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brown V. Board Images

Videos about Kenneth Clark's Doll Study

Obama's Speech on Race: A More Perfect Union

On Being an Ally

Stephen Colbert (Racism 2.0)

Dave Chappell on the Importance of Talking about Race


  1. These videos moved me so much. I was so intrigued by these that I went home and showed my mom, my boyfriend and my friend. They were all moved by them and felt the same way as i did. I feel so bad for the little boys and girls and I wish they didn't feel that way :(

  2. These videos were upsetting but they did not surprise me and in class when you showed the older version to the new version it still did not surprise me because of our society. I mean it's come along not not so far along that everyone feels equal and that's just my opinion.