Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cultural Competency Paper

Hey folks,

Please don't forget that you have a short paper due in class on Thursday. I forgot to remind you since I didn't see you in class last Thursday, but the instructions are on the syllabus:

As you begin your SL Project, I want you to get to know the space you are working in and think about what it would mean to be a culturally competent teacher in this space. In this 4-6 page paper, describe the school and surrounding community. What is the neighborhood like? What do you see when you walk in the school building? Describe the cultures, languages, and other sociocultural characteristics of the students in the classroom in which you are tutoring. Investigate the statistical data about the school provided by the RI Department of Education or other databases. You can find this here on the web [] (After you have selected your SCHOOL REPORT, select “Using Information” under Learning and Achievement). Does this classroom reflect awareness of these characteristics in the space (posters, books, decorations), teaching style, curriculum, etc? Describe what you see in specific detail. How do the demographic (race, ethnicity, class, language) influence the relationships between students, teachers, parents and community? How do the demographics influence your experience, if at all?

I will hand out the rubric on Tuesday so that you can check yourself but all of the details are in the paragraph above.

Let me know if you have any questions!!

See you on Tuesday.

LB :)

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