Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rethinking Thanksgiving

Some food for thought as you spend time in your SL placement this week... and perhaps helpful if you want to spark controversial dialogue at your family Thanksgiving table!!

This is a great article abut how to teach about Thanksgiving with social justice in mind. Rethinking Thanksgiving from Rethinking Schools.


  1. I have a kindergarten class and I was there twice the week of thanksgiving and the week before and we did nothing to do with the holiday. I do remember for Halloween we could not because some kids were not allowed to celebrate it.


  2. just want to say that i really enjoyed this class this semester.

  3. I caused a controversial dialogue at my Thanksgiving dinner! It was about the Occupy movement, not Thanksgiving but it was a more interesting step above "mmm excellent salad dressing"

  4. I'm so sad that this is our last class together ):
    Sammi Machado