Saturday, November 5, 2011

Promising Practice Write Up

So great to see so many of you this morning! Hope you enjoyed the conference day!!

In the syllabus it explains that you have to attend some kind of social justice event this semester and write it up as an assignment on your blog (10% of your course grade). I know most of you attended the PP conference this morning. You need to create a blog post (due Th, Nov. 17 by midnight) that meets the following three criteria:

1) Describe the event(s) in detail. Teach the rest of us about what you learned at the session you attended, the Promising Partnership Expo, the Teen Empowerment plenary and the Youth Panel. Your post should be no fewer than 750 word but may be much longer if needed.

2) Make connections to three course readings and themes to help you analyze the events. What does this event have to do with everything we have been talking about in FNED 346?

3) Include pictures and links to at least three external web resources to help explain the meaning of this event.

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